Solar powered garden lights circuit

Solar powered Garden Lights circuit
Solar power attained a great significance after increase in energy demand in our daily life. To conserve power we need to utilize all the natural sources we can to extract power. This forces us to use solar energy to power the lights and other appliances in many places. This circuit tutorial will teach you to build a Simple Solar powered garden LED lights. 

What is RTOS and How it differs from General OS?

Everyone must have been familiar with the term OS (Operating Systems) as we use it in our PC's, laptops, mobile etc. But what does a RTOS means? Whats so special about it? What are its applications? Wait up, this article focuses on answering these three major questions and illusrrates the importance of RTOS.

Interfacing keypad with ARM7 MIcrocontroller

Keypad interface with ARM7 Microcontroller
Keypads are the most commonly used input device in many embedded system since it possess simple design and also comes at affordable cost. This makes the concept of keypad interfacing with a Microcontroller very important. We are about to see the tutorial of interfacing keypad with the ARM7 Microcontroller ( LPC2124).

The above design uses a 4x3 keypad to take input and a 16x2 LCD to display the input value fed by the keypad. If you are not familiar with LCD interfacing with ARM controller kindly go through this tutorial  "16x2 LCD interface with ARM7 Microcontroller"