Working of IC ULN2803

IC ULN2803 Pin Diagram
ULN2803  is a High voltage, high current Transistor Array IC used especially with Microcontrollers where we need to drive high power loads. Thic IC consists of a eight NPN Darlington connected transistors with common Clamp diodes for switching the loads connected to the output. This IC is widely used to drive high loads such Lamps, relays, motors etc. It is usually rated at 50v/500mA.

How to set up your own Electronics Lab at home

Electronics Lab
Every Electronic hobbyists have a dream of setting up his own lab at home to learn, explore, widen the knowledge and of course have fun with Electronics. But most of us don't how to start setting up one and even if we did it will end up in a complete mess. So after going through several forums and asking the suggestions of pros i have prepared this article on setting up your own lab, i hope this will be helpful for all budding Electronic Engineers and Hobbyist.

Electronic Combination lock using PIC 16F877 Mircocontroller

Electronic Combination lock PIC Mircocontroller
Electronic locks are extremely useful in protecting our precious possessions and can be installed anywhere with bit of engineering in it. We are widely familiar with the Password based e-locks and might have installed in our house. But we are going for Electronic locks made by any company when you can make one by your own.

This project demonstrates you how to make a PIC microcontroller based simple digital lock and also explains the programming behind it.