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Working of MAX232 IC

MAX232 IC Pin diagram
MAX232 is a widely known IC used for establishing serial communication between Microcontrollers and Personal Computers (PC). This IC is used to convert TTL/CMOS logic levels to RS232 Logic levels during the process of serial communication. Usually a Microcontroller operates at TTL (Transistor Transistor Logic) of about 0-5V whereas a PC works on RS232 standards that is (-25 to +25V). So it is not possible to interface a PC directly with a Microcontroller and this is exactly where a MAX232 IC comes into Play.

Bidirectional Motor Controller Circuit using L293D

Bidirectional Motor controller using L293D
Motor Controller driver IC's are widely used in electronic circuits to control the motor with ease and to drive it efficiently. L293D is a similar  motor driver mostly employed along with the Mircocontrollers to perform the motor action. This IC is capable of driving two motors at a single time in either direction and it can even provide drive currents up to 1A at voltages 4.5V to 36V. The above circuit illustrates the bidirectional motor controller using this simple L293D. Lets move into the working of this circuit.

Automatic Lamp Dimmer Circuit using Triac

Automatic Lamp Dimmer Circuit using Triac
Lamp dimmers circuit can be found through out the internet since these kind of circuits are have a great significance in real time.  Here is a similar circuit which was used to control a AC lamp connected to it based on the light present in the environment. To summarize, this will make the lamp glow brighter in the absence of light and in the presence of light the lamp will glow dim or will be turned off. Lets move into the working of this above lamp dimmer circuit.

40 Watt Inverter Circuit using CD4047

Simple 40W Inverter Circuit
Inverter Circuits vary with the power requirements and been widely available all over the internet. Here is a inverter circuit which uses IC CD4047B and some transistors to perform the desired action. First of well for those who are not aware of inverters here is something to give you the idea about it. Inverters is nothing but an apparatus which converts direct current into alternating current. So with the help of this circuit you can power a simple household AC appliances such as lamps using a 12v Battery. This will help in meeting up the energy demands, power failures and to places where the wiring is not possible. Lets move into the working of this simple inverter circuit.