Random Number generator using 8051 Microcontroller

Random Number generators are something which is used to draw out a random number and use it for a specified purpose. The purpose may differ it might be lottery draw , competition or whatever it may be the above generator using 8051 will do a pretty good job also the complexity level of the program is very simple.

Electronic Dice Circuit using IC CD4017


Dice are very well known in all parts of the world as there are plenty of games played using it. The purpose of dice is to pick a number randomly and play game proceed based on the picked number. But when using primitive dice there is a chance that player can cheat the opposition with spinning techniques. The above provided circuit can be used to avoid cheating since it depends on the push of a button.

Analog to Digital converter circuit using ADC0808

The Analog to digital converters are very useful in a digital system where the conversion of raw analog signal to digital data bits possess a notable significance. ADC's are also quite familiar in several microcontrollers, but using a ADC in micrcontroller requires programming skills and not everyone love to go in to programming. The circuit shown above will offer a solution for those who don't have any sort of programming skills.