7 segment Interfacing and Programming with 8051 Microcontroller

7 Segment Interface with 8051 Microcontroller
7 Segments are commonly used display devices which is capable of displaying numbers and some alphabets. It is more common in Embedded design applications where we needs to display some count or increment numerical values. This tutorial is focused to teach the interfacing of 7 segments with your 8051 microcontroller and how to program it to display numerical or characters.

Self Building Robot Furniture "Roombots"

"Roombots" Self configurable Furniture

Imagine a Chair you are sitting capable of transforming into a comfortable sofa on demand as light fades and dark arises in a day. Or you could make your chair mobile by means of your command for moving around your house. These kind of Transformer movie stuff can become reality one day by a research conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of technology(EPFL).

Light activated switch circuit using LDR and IC 555

Light activated switch circuit
Light activating and deactivating switches are simple to build when you are provided with a LDR (sensing element) and 555 (switch activator). These kind of sensor circuits are widely employed in many applications and may come in handy when you intend to build a simple light sensing circuit. LED is used in the above circuit to indicate switching, you can use device of your desire provided ample amount of power supply.