Vertical Flip with Caption display using CSS and HTML

Captions play a significant role in almost all the pictures in a website. So it is important to add one to our images and will be even cooler if we add it along with a hover effect. This article will demonstrate demonstrate the method of adding caption to your image with a vertical flip hover effect.

60W simple inverter using Transistors

Inverters are handy piece of equipment we could use whenever we face a power shut down or in a place where wiring is not possible. There are many types of inverters available in market from cheap one to expensive ones. Each differ with their functionality and the load they could handle. This tutorial brings out the design to build a simple inverter using transistors.

4 Bit LCD interface and programming with PIC Microcontroller

LCD displays operate in two modes 4 bit and 8 bit mode. We all might have been familiar with 8 bit mode which is used widely in several systems. But 4 bit mode is something which many of us is not aware of. This mode has some advantages over the 8 bit mode out of which reduction of dedicated data pins is most important. This tutorial will teach you to interface the LCD in 4 bit with your controller as well as programming it.