Photo Flip hover effect using CSS and HTML

Flipping image hover effect can be done with ease using simple CSS and HTML in any website. This hover effect will be very effective in in gallery section where we want to reveal info of the image or another image at its back. You can view the demo of this effect in the Image hover effects collection page.

Creating Time delay using Timers in ARM (LPC2124) Microcontroller

Timers are one of the important concepts in a Microcontroller since it helps us to create precise time delays for a specific application. The usage of timers are inevitable in many of the Embedded Applications which we use in our real life. This tutorial focuses in creating time delays using timers in ARM7 (LPC2124) Microcontroller.

Stepper Motor Controller Circuit

Stepper Motor Controller
Stepper motor is a brushless DC motor which divides a single rotation into number of equal steps. These types of motors are widely used in robotics and other applications where precise movement plays a crucial role. This Circuit tutorial demonstrates building and working of Stepper motor controller using IC 4070 and IC 4013.