Water level indicator Circuit

Wastage of water is really an issue in places where they use overhead tanks. Monitoring of water level is really a difficult task in those places and it could also lead to wastage of water and power. The above circuit shows a simple water level indicator system based on Tranistors and LED's. This circuit could give a simple and cost effective solution for this problem. This circuit was  a simplified version of "Water level indicator" published in Instructables by Raikut.

IDC Ribbon Cable Tester circuit

The ribbon cable tester is designed to check IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection)  ribbon cables quickly for shorts to adjacent pins or opens from one end to the other. Originally, I designed this unit to test ribbon cables used on test equipment in the automotive industry. But it works for any ribbon cable. There are multiple types of sockets used with ribbon cables.

Automatic plant watering system using AVR(Atmega16) Microcontroller

Primitive irrigation systems possess many drawbacks as it fails to conserve water and human energy. So introducing Automation in it can help us to overcome these drawbacks and pave way to conserve water. This can be done with a simple Soil moisture sensor and a Microcontroller, AVR in our case. You can try out this system to automate watering the plants in your home at affordable cost.