230V AC mains operated LED lighting circuit diagram

Mains operated LED lighting
LED's holds unique place in lighting due to its miniature size and its low power consumption. No wonder it was considered as future of lighting. But in order to built a led lighting circuit we need to built special power supplies with regulators, transformers and this might make them hard to construct. As a solution the above circuit demonstrates construction of led lighting circuit which derives power directly from the mains supply without usage of transformers.

How to print image in Graphical LCD (GLCD) using Atmega32

Printing Image in GLCD
Graphical LCD's known as GLCD are display devices which are capable of displaying graphical images, customized characters, etc. This paves way for any system to present information to the end user by means of interactive graphics. Bored of using the old 16x2 LCD displays, then you should probably try this one to make your projects more interactive.

This tutorial focused to teach you about printing a simple picture in this GLCD using AVR ( Atmega32) Microcontroller.

AVR Serial Communication (UART) Programming tutorial

Serial Communication tutorial
This tutorial focuses to teach you how to program Serial Communication (UART) in AVR Microcontrollers. UART plays an important role in almost every embedded applications which we see in our day to life and hence it was considered to be very important concept in every Microcontroller.