People/Object counter Circuit diagram using IC 555 and IC 4026

Counter using 7 Segment
People / Object counters have a wide variety of applications in Banks, Hospitals, factories etc. This project focuses on building an effective counter using IR as a sensing element and capable of counting from 0 to 999. This project uses Two simple IC's ( IC 555 & IC 4026 ) with IR transmitter and Receiver    to detect the incoming people/object.

This Project comprises of Three parts
  1. IR Transmitter
  2. IR Receiver
  3. 7 Segment drivers

Display Caption on image hover using CSS and HTML

Caption Display Image hover effect
Image hover effects have become an element in website as its improves the dynamic feel of the site and increases attraction as well. This post will explain a similar effect in which description of the image will be displayed when the visitors hovers over the image. These type of effects will be very useful where the webmaster wants to display info of products in limited space.

Interfacing two 7 Segments in a single port of a Microcontroller using BCD Decoder

Two 7 segment interface in single port of microcontroller
7 Segments are widely employed displays widely used in embedded applications. It possess many advantages due to its small size, low power consumption and low cost. Before getting started with it read How to interface 7 segment with 8051. But dedicating 7 pins of the microcontroller to it creates a major drawback for it and also the handling capacity of the controller is greatly reduced that is you can only use only four segments along with 8051.