About Us

Gadgetronicx is an educational website based on Electronics and Embedded Systems. Founded in April 2012 by Frank Donald and powered by many Enthusiasts around the world. Started out as a simple blog, we have grown into a website with readers from all over the world.



“Discover the maker in everyone”

We firmly believe that everyone of us have the quality of designing and building our own stuffs. The ultimate maker in us was hiding somewhere and we would love to see everyone discover the maker in themselves. Think of a world where the engineers and enthusiasts capable of designing and implementing solutions on their own in real time. And that’s what we want to achieve.


  • To provide possible breakdown of all DIY projects which provides full end to end visibility on the project.
  • To provide mathematical backed solutions to all the circuits and projects published in our website.
  • To set up a platform for DIY’ers to showcase their skills to the world and emphasize the importance of DIY in daily life.

We have got a greater Vision to achieve in the future, but we cannot do it alone and we need your support throughout this long journey.



We are striving hard to get the best for all the Electronic students and Enthusiasts. We could use your help though. If you are an Electronics enthusiasts and good at building projects or designing circuits, kindly be a part of our community.  If you built a project or designed a circuit. Write a few words explaining its operation and submit it using the below form. We will publish it in our site for thousands of readers across the world to learn. This way you can be a part of educating thousands of enthusiasts. Use the below link to submit your article.



Feel free to Contact us for your queries and Advertising. You can reach us through ” webmaster@gadgetronicx.com ” or through “Contact Us” page.


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