How to build electronic circuits by your own

Many of  us have great desire to build our own electronic circuits but don’t know how to do it.Here is some of the tips which may give some idea about how to build electronic circuits. But building your own circuit is not much easy we need to know about some basic things before we can make our own circuits.But not only electronics engineers can build circuits everyone can build circuits.


  • The first and foremost thing is that you should go through the basic characters,voltage levels and functions of electronic components such as resistors,capacitors,diodes,transistors etc. 
  •  The next thing is that we should study some basic circuits like amplifiers,oscillators etc.For example consider “oscillator circuits it is useful to produce signal at constant frequency” we should make our study like this.                                                                                                          
  • Dont worry for the above two things many books and websites will help you out.Just go through have a look at it.


  • Now you will be almost ready to build circuit by your own circuit than you have to practice some soldering.Dont worry it will be of lots and lots of fun.
  • Now its time to start designing your circuit.These steps may help you out.


Whether you are using an intel based  PC with windows XP ,vista or windows 7or mac as the operating system there are several applications you can use to create your own circuit design.The best software i suggest Cadsoft’s eagle layout  editor.You can avail that software here.But this software wont be for free.

There are many free editor softwares you can use some of them are Pspice simulator,PIC,ORCAD.Make a quick search at google and you will find these software for free.These softwares will help you to design your own design in the circuit.And it will help you to see whether your circuit works.


Using this software you can actually create your own electronic circuit but as i said earlier you will need to know little more than merely the basics to pull this off.Many websites will provide schematic circuit diagrams for the users this may also help you out in designing.
then you need to check the working and efficiency of your own circuit.If it shows any error try to get rid of it.Once you got the output right its bingo and now you can implement the design in the circuit board.


After plotting the design its time to implement it in PCB board.In the end print your design out and use it to create it in the circuit board.After printing your design get a bread board and start placing the various pins,resistors,capacitors etc to the bread board to the design.complete the design and now you have a practical circuit ready.And now you have to test the circuit finally because practically the circuit will give slightly different results from the software tested circuit due to various factors of the electronic components.Test if the voltages are right.And finally you have built a circuit by your own.

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