Story of LCSC Electronics

Almost every company has humble beginnings and it’s up to their commitment to customers and operational style makes them huge. LCSC electronics is no different. From a humble beginning in 2011 this company has grown into a statue of one of the largest Electronics component distributor in the world. In this article, we would like to narrate the story of LCSC and what they do as a business.


LCSC is an Electronics component distributor based out of Shenzhen which is the silicon valley of China. They pretty much distribute every electronic component we know of from Resistors, Microcontrollers, Development modules, Sensors etc. The company is founded in 2011 and in 8 years they have attained the status of the largest electronic component distributors in the world. They currently have over 900,000 customers all over the world with more than 3000 orders per day. They have distributed over 200,000 products till date with about one Billion USD in sales.

In 2017 they have also acquired Easyeda an Online designing platform to provide chained services for designers, hobbyists, business and enthusiasts.


This company owns an operational warehouse which operates out of Shenzen with stocking area of about 10,000 ㎡. This warehouse is equipped with semi-automatic sorting equipment and usually, an order placed will be ready to ship in a matter of 4 hours. Adding to this their new warehouse is being under construction now in Jiangshu, near Shanghai with stocking area of about 60,000+ ㎡ and impressively the sorting equipment in this facility will be fully automatic allowing any order placed to be ready to ship by 1.5 hours.

Moreover they are preparing LCSC Electronics technology park with the space measuring about 350,000 ㎡ for better storage and logistics. Also this space will allow component manufacturers and distributors to simplify the distribution which ultimately reduces the price of supply chain.


LCSC has been awarded for their excellent services throughout the world.

  1. Excellent R&D supplier.
  2. Outstanding E-commerce distributor.
  3. Outstanding E-commerce platform.


LCSC have huge inventory with products purchased from Authorized distributors which will speak for itself in product quality. LCSC almost ships to every nook and corner of the world. They  use reputed logistics partners like FedEx, DHL, EMS, USPS and so on.

We at Gadgetronicx have tried LCSC’s service already and here is our experience and review. Hope this article would have been informative and we urge you to try out LCSC and their excellent service.

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