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Buying parts or components was an important step for manufacturers, vendors and even for DIY hobbyist. There were plenty of parts and plenty of vendors online and offline which makes this process even more complicated than it already is. I used to buy parts from my Local vendors before but it always bugged me because vendors wouldn’t able to provide proper datasheet source for their components. And this forced to switch to Online vendors where I always get the correct datasheet for each component. But with online vendors the problem of Overprice, delay in delivery, parts availability, shipping methods have caused a huge headache and I started to switch from one vendor to another until I found WWW.LCSC.COM .


LCSC is an Online store for Electronic components and parts based out of China. They have been in this business for about 7 years and has become the fastest developing online store for electronic parts. The parts you find in LCSC were manufactured by recognized manufacturers which vouch for their quality. In addition to that they were certified with ISO 9001:2015 for their quality management system. Also they ship internationally to almost every country in the world with cost effective shipping options.


The first thing I would like to point out is the quality of parts. LCSC only distributes parts from recognized manufacturers and you don’t have to worry about its quality at all. The next biggest plus point is the price which is considerably less compared to its competitors who offer similar products. They have wide variety of parts available for you to choose and pick. Like you have seen in most vendor websites you also have the option to choose your specifications and filter them to get the product that suits your needs. This is an option which I leverage the most out of LCSC.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to buy components in bulk quantity, you can choose the option of “Request Quote”. Here you can request quote for your list of components. There unique product showcase will allow user to assess the component size quickly without having to check the datasheet over and over again. This feature is certainly a stand out and saves considerable time in the ordering process.

When it comes to Shipping, LCSC is working with many International shipping carriers like Fedex, DHL, EMS and so. Parcels can go almost every country. Their shipping time for selected countries is as low as 3 days which is quite great and we doesn’t need to wait long to kick start our project 🙂


Ordering process is quite easy to follow. All you have to do is choose the products you need and add them in cart. When you are done adding products to the cart proceed to Check out by filling Shipping and Billing address. Choose a shipping method of your need and submit your order by completing the payment. Here is how LCSC will handle each orders.



Starting from Easy to use web interface, Quality components, Easy ordering process, Reasonable return and Refund policy and most of all quick shipping worldwide. LCSC is certainly a wise choice for Manufacturers, Makers and even enthusiasts. And we can certainly recommend you to try out LCSC next time you want to do some shopping on Electronic components or parts.

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