Prototype your PCB boards with PCBgogo

Prototyping PCB boards have become a lot easier now a days with many widely available tools and resources all around. To make them even easier we would like to introduce you to “PCBGOGO”. Name says it all, PCB’s on the GO which is the motto of their company. In this article I would like to explain three important questions – What, Why and How PCBgogo’s service will benefit you either as an individual or as an industry.


PCBGOGO is a company based out of Shenzhen China which offers various PCB services like

  • PCB Layout – If you want a product to be manufactured but unable to make the PCB design, Engineers from PCBgogo will design the PCB for you.
  • PCB manufacture & Prototype – Manufacturing of PCB boards using the Gerber files provided by user or customer.
  • PCB Assembly – In addition to manufacturing your PCB boards, they also offer assembly services where they take the hard work of putting the parts together in your PCB and provide you the complete product rather than the bare PCB.

Located in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China they lives up to its reputation. They have been operating from 2015. Despite in the business for about three years they have delivered product worth of 10 Lakhs USD for 20000 customers around the world. PCBgogo is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.


Now that you have met PCBgogo let us see why you should try out their valuable services. They offer services at really affordable costs and more importantly offer services that suit large scale industries to individuals. The minimum quantity of PCB boards per order is as low as 5 pieces. This will be perfect when comes to individuals, hobbyists or for product prototype.

ISO 9001:2008 certification offers top notch quality in all their services. All PCB boards will be tested before getting shipped to their customers. Added to their attractive pricing their price structure is quite transparent and comes with zero hidden cost. Through the instant quote section in their website you can know how the pricing for their service is determined. This makes it easy to choose as per your requirement.

Apart from these advantages their shipping methods are superior and rely on trustable third party courier services like DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx etc to send their packages to their customer. You can track arrival status of your board right from the day you ordered. Also PCBgogo keep customers informed even about the status of PCB manufacturing process in their factories.


Ordering with PCBgogo is relatively an easy process and they got you covered with clear instructions in their Order guide page if in case you are not sure about it. While making your order for PCB prototype or Assembly or PCB layout design might be bit different but the instructions and guide will make the ordering process quite easy for you.


We have gone through their website to understand about their services and how they process orders and serve their customers. It’s very fair to say that they are doing a great job in PCB services. We can confidently recommend to try out their services. You might be an Industry or an engineer or just an hobbyists who likes to meddle around things am quite sure their tailored services will fit you very well.