Designing inverter using transistors

60W-inverter-using-transitorsThe increase in power demands in our life has made inverter necessary so why cant you do one instead of buying this circuit will will  teach you how to do your own inverter using transistors .Lets quickly move into the operation of this circuit.


In this circuit as you can see that the transistors Q1 and Q2 was wired as a Astable multivibrator.As we know Astable multivibrators has the  capability to produce a constant square waveform.The Astable multivibrator does not have any stable states.There will be two point of output from the Astable multivibrator circuit they are Collector of Q1 and collector of Q2.

Then the outputs from the both the collector points are then taken to a Darlington pair of transistors.The main purpose of using darlington transistors are to amplify the current which was flowing through it.Here in both the pairs the current amplified by the first Q was amplified by the second one.This pairing gives much higher common emitter gain than the single one.So we have employed this pair to amplify the current value to our required level.

Then the output of both the Darlington pairs are connected to the Transistors Q7 and Q8 which was wired by means of the push pull configuration to drive the transformer T1.The push pull configured transistors amplify input signals separately differentiated by means of the phase (they vary in phase of 180′ ) of that signal.then at the output two varying signals was put together  to drive the transformer. The finally from the transformer you can connect it to a load of around 60W.

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