Vehicle theft control system using GSM technology

Vehicle theft control using GSM technology

This paper is all about a design for vehicle theft control system using GSM technology and Embedded technology.You can download the paper from the link given below.But before download it i would like to give you the overall description about this paper.


Today theft of  the vehicles had become very high so inorder to avoid this an automated system should be introduced in it.This paper seeks solution for this problem by means of Embedded system based GSM technology.Here a GSM mobile is connected to a microcontroller and inturn the Microcontroller was connected to the engine.The microcontroller starts the engine only after getting the passwords.Once unauthorized persons tried to run the vehicle by giving wrong passwords then an alert message will be sent to the owner.

Not only that the owner can also control the engine of his vehicle by means of sending a secret code to the mobile which is interface with the Microcontroller.So by this means the owner of the vehicle can arrest the movement of the vehicle.And the police also can track the vehicles location by means of SIM tracking technology.So this automated system can eliminate the risk of vehicle being stolen.

I hope this description will be useful for you to understand about this paper before you proceed with download.You can also find other technical papers here.

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