Basic Inverter Circuit using Transistors

Basic Inverter Circuit

Inverters play a significant role on a global scale as it provides uninterrupted power supply and also help people to meet the energy demands. You might have used a ready made inverter produced by a manufacturer but how about making one by your own. This article will describe you how to make a simple inverter circuit using transistor which convert 12V DC to 120V AC using some basic electronic components such as Transistors and transformers.


The transistors in the above circuit holds the most significant part in the working of this circuit where it was wired as a Multivibrator. This part of the circuit provides the continuous square wave pulses needed for its working. The above circuit is known as Digital inverter since obtained output wave was a square wave.

The frequency of the above pulse depends on the values of Resistors and capacitor connected to it. The above circuit was designed to generate optimum frequency so its best not to change these values . A diode HEP 154 was used to offer protection to the components used in the above circuit.

The Transistor 2N3055 can handle 15 Amps each , you can also use high current transistors if you thought of upgrading this circuit. A 24V center tapped transformer was used and you can substitute it with powerful transistors to deal with high current. The above circuit could supply power of about 300 watts and you can increase it by using high rated transformers and transistors.

Tantalum capacitors must be used here , use of regular electrolytics will overheat and explode. Since you are dealing with high voltages it is advised to use  fuse along with this. Your battery must not go dead since this circuit consumes large amount of current.

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