What is Internet of Things (IOT)


“Internet of Things” also known as IOT is a concept where objects, animals, humans and possibly all the things in the earth are provided with unique identifiers and are connected to the internet to transfer data over a network. IOT can play a significant role in the future because our world will be much smarter when an object around us can interact, exchange mutual data and functions based on it.


To be a part of IOT a Person, object or animals should be assigned an unique IP address and provided the ability to transfer data over a network. The things could also use sensors and transmit the acquired data over the internet to other things connected to it and also perform functions based on it.

You may think that implementing unique id’s to all the living and non living thing is highly impossible. But surprisingly the huge address space of  Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) makes the IOT a possible as well playing a huge role in developing it. It is being said that using IPV6 it is possible to assign IP address to all the things exist in our earth.


IOT was definitely not a new concept although it wasn’t named until 1999. It has been evolving since early 1980, in fact the first internet  appliance ever developed was a Coke machine at Carnegie Melon University in early 1980’s. They connected a machine over the internet to check the status of the machine via internet. From then there are plenty of IOT gadgets produced all around the world to create a smarter environment .


Though IOT possess the power of changing the way we live and interaction with our environment, implementation needs to surpass several barriers. Increase in number of nodes in an IOT as well the raise in upstream data generated by the nodes will raise several concerns such as Data security , sovereignty and privacy, also cost of implementation  will also be an crucial factor.

It’s no wonder several Tech companies have plunged into production IOT based smart devices. They also believe that IOT could control the future in many aspects and deliver a efficient & smarter planet.

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