Experience with UTSOURCE.net

As diverse as eCommerce platforms have become, so are the stories, reviews and experiences people have to share about them. I have tried Utsource for my project needs and am pretty pleased with their products and delivery service. Therefore I would like to discuss UTSource and what I liked the most about them in this article.

A Little About Utsource:

Utsource is an electronics dealership that has been in existence for over 15 years. Customers associated with the business spread across diverse industries from Aerospace to Telecoms, Military, Consumer Electronics and the Medical sector. There are even a good number of Start-Ups, R & D Labs, and private researchers that do business with Utsource. We can therefore consider Utsource a Business-to-business as well as a Business-to-customer company.

If there is one main goal Utsource has in mind, it is to create a one-stop shop where product builders can get all the electronic components they need for their work.

Utsource Qualities & My Experience:

Central to Utsource outstanding service delivery is a concept known as Fulfilment By Utsource (FBU). It is an integrated service for small and medium scale businesses. With an FBU account, merchants and individual customers can enjoy many things on the platform. In my experience, the following are some of the benefits customers get when they order on Utsource:

Safety: Utsource allows you make payment in a variety of options including PayPal, western union, credit card, wire transfer etc safely.

High Efficiency: On the platform, you can choose from thousands of suppliers and millions of products and they would be delivered in one whole. Plus, you only need to pay a single shipping fee which reduces cost significantly. If you have shopped on some other platforms, you would understand this benefit a lot more.

High speed: Utsource has a vibrant collaboration with FedEx, UPS, so that your goods get to you within 2—5 days.

Shipping insurance: What is a better security than an insurance for your item to protect you from paying damage costs in the case that it gets damaged along the way? They have a refund policy that lets you return the goods without paying a dime! Freight costs and everything is borne by the company.

Shipping inspection: Utsource inspects the goods suppliers bring in or drop ship to ensure that they meet certain quality requirements.

Toll-free call service: This service is to attend customer questions to resolve any issues customers might face.

Convenience: On Utsource, you get to enjoy a long warranty period and great after sales service for your order.

How to place an order on Utsource.net

Placing an order on Utsource is quite easy. In fact, the site has user-friendly interfaces for customers to place order. To place an order on Utsource, simply follow the two steps below:

Step 1: Input the complete details of the goods like unit price, brand, part number, encapsulation, etc. in the fields provided. The order inquiry would be sent to Utsource. Utsource typically responds in less than 12 hours.
Step 2: After the response which would provide a confirmation for the item (s), you can go ahead and place an order for the product.

And there you go! I hope you will enjoy a similar experience on the platform as I did. Give it a whirl.