Cupboard Lighting circuit using IC 555 and Magnetic Reed switch

IC 555 Cupboard Lighting Circuit

Cupboard lighting circuit s are plenty and each of them serve its purpose in a unique way. Here is a similar circuit which uses NE555 and can be used in all cupboards and shelves.This circuit works is all about giving you a beautiful lighting effect when you open your cupboard.This customization to your cupboard will be great try it and give your feedback.



This circuit works on a simple magnet and a Magnetic reed switch to close and open the circuit and the IC555 performs the job of lighting up the LEDs.You have to attach a magnet reed switch to the end of your cupboard and a magnet at the lid of your cupboard so that when the cupboard was closed the magnet should be close enough to attract the reed switch open.The position of both the components should be perfect to make this circuit works better.

The circuit was powered up by a 9v battery.When the door opens the magnet move away from the reed switch this enables the switch to close the circuit and the whole circuit obtains power.The IC NE555 was wired as a multivibrator and the Resistor R1 and C2 decides the time delay generation for the circuit.Here in this circuit it was designed to give a three minutes delay.And the trigger pin of the IC1 was grounded and this ensures that the IC will give high output to make the LEDs glow.You can add up multiple lights accordingly you should vary the resistance value from the output pin.

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