Making of an Electromagnetic Glove


Electromagnet + Glove – a glove fixed with an Electromagnet. This project “Electromagnetic glove” typically uses the principle we all would have came across in our 7th grade. This project will be fun wearable to play with and will fit for beginners in Electronics. This article will focus much on technical aspects involved in this project rather than DIY steps.


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  1. Glove
  2. Magnetic wire
  3. Iron bolt or any other magnetic material
  4. Velcro
  5. Connecting wires
  6. 9V Batteries – 2 count



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Current flowing through a coil will induce magnetic field around it . Higher the current flow stronger the magnetic field will be. That’s the principle behind the working of Electromagnet. Basically construction of an Electromagnet requires three important parts:

  1. Magnetic core
  2. Coil
  3. Voltage source

Magnetic core is mainly used to strengthen the magnetic field created by the coil. The shape and material of the core does have a great impact in the strength of field. Usage of ferromagnetic materials such as Iron in the shape of alphabet C were considered to make a best core for your magnet. The strength of a magnetic field can be determined by using the below formula

H = N X I / L

Where N – number of turns, I is the current flowing and L is the length in meters. Knowing these three you should be able to calculate the magnetic field. However you should know the permeability of magnetic core used to determine the force generated by the electromagnet. I have no idea about it since I have just picked a Iron bolt lying around in my home.


Not all batteries fit the purpose of this project.  Never ever use rechargeable a batteries to power this Electromagnet. Batteries such as Lead acid, Lithium ion, NiMH should not be used at any cost for this project. When the magnet coil is connected to the terminals of the battery, it creates a short circuit allowing maximum current to flow through it. And a rechargeable battery will have very low internal resistance which will allow maximum current to flow through it and ultimately end up in catching fire or blowing up into pieces.

On the other hand Non- rechargeable batteries like Alkaline or Carbon-zinc have high resistance which in turn will limit the current. Therefore it is safe to use these batteries for these purpose for a brief period of time. And so we have picked these batteries for our project.


The entire process of making this wearable – electromagnetic glove is covered in this video since it is very much viable than writing 500 lines of article.

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