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GOAL: $760 USD


We, Gadgetronicx are doing good so far with the support of all you guys.  We have been trying to bring good contents via our website and Social media channels. As you know creating contents takes a significant amount of effort, time, resource and cost. We have been trying to deal with the cost pressure so far without requesting our readers. But now we are in a need to

  • Upgrade our servers.
  • Cut down the ads considerably for better user experience.
  • Expansion of team.

And in order to do that we need support from our precious readers and fans. The funds you provide will be spent only on making our website better. So far our website holds about 300+ circuits/ projects related to Electronics or Embedded systems and have been a great source of information. We are being visited by about 3K+ visitors daily. Funding will help us to improve our website which in turn enable us to create more useful contents to our readers. So in a way your precious donations will be used to spread knowledge.

Even a tiny donation of $5 can be of great help to achieve our funding goal . Thank you in advance 🙂