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Sony’s PlayStation 4 locked horns with Microsoft’s Xbox One for the battle of best next generation gaming console. These two rivals have been competing in the gaming world ever since Microsoft releases its own gaming console Xbox. The two giants have released their next generation gaming console Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at same month, this adds spice to their competition xbox one vs playstation 4 . Both the consoles have already reported to sold one million units, but still its pretty hard to find which was the best console and what makes it best. So here is some of the comparisons between these two consoles which can make a difference in this battle of Gaming consoles.

The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have similar type of hardware. Both the consoles are built on eight-core-processor. However the Xbox One was powered by 1.75 GHz custom CPU while PS4 uses 1.6 GHz AMD “Jaguar” processor. So both the consoles will do a great job when comes to multitasking. So it wont create any imminent difference between these consoles.

But Playstation 4 surpasses Xbox One with a more powerful   GPU. Meanwhile Xbox One reserves  about 10 percent of the GPU power for Kinect. Both have 8GB RAM,but the PlayStation 4 uses a powerful version.

Looking at some of the third party games, the PS4 will run them at 1080P while Xbox One run them at only 720p. So when comparing the graphics power Sony’s PlayStation 4 has the upper hand.

Both consoles have identical sized hard drives of 500 GB and that offers a great space to save games and install apps. Both the consoles require to install the games in the hardware thereby eating some storage. We don’t get the facility of playing the game just by ditching the disc in the drive.

The Xbox One allows external storage through a USB whereas PS4 has an upgradable hard drive, which provides room to add up memory for future use. So in storage also Sony holds a slight advantage than the Microsoft’s console.

The Microsoft Kinect was updated and is far superior than its predecessor. Not only the camera is high definition, but it also works better in smaller rooms and can perform well in the dark. It is sensitive enough to capture pulse off your face, which is extremely impressive.

The PlayStation has its own accessory Eye Camera and it performs a pretty decent job in the console. But the Sony’s Eye lacks the fire power of the Kinect in the Xbox console. PS4 also tracks the players through new dual shock controller, similar to how move controllers and the eye camera work together. Voice recognition also added within the peripheral, so you can find games and apps on the playStation easily. So in this motion feature of the consoles Xbox one have the upper hand even though Sony brings good features with it.

The consoles are evenly matched when considering the entertainment features. The both consoles play Blu-Ray DVD’s and they are almost silent while running which is major bonus for all the users. Both offer their own version of a music streaming service; both allow you to use services such as Netflix. So therby these two consoles are matched in Entertainment point of view.


Its Pretty hard to say that which one was the best console with both having its own unique features. But both these consoles are made to take the gaming experience to the next level and both did perfect job they are assigned to. These two consoles can be a perfect gift for the Christmas to the hardcore gamers.

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