First transparent solar cells


The researchers at UCLA and UC Santa barbara have created the first highly transparent plastic solar cells.The new solar cell is almost 70% transparent to visible light.These newly developed was one of the highly efficient polymer solar cells(PSC) ever created.But it was a wonder that these solar cells work even it is transparent and how it absorbs the light rays of the sun?Let us see it briefly about its working.

The silver nano wires within the polymer is the reason for the working of this solar cell.These Nanowire electrodes are conductive and flexible and after being coated with Titanium dioxide nanoparticles they are also photovoltaic.This PSC is less in efficiency than the crystalline photovoltaic cell the flexibility of this PSC makes the difference and thus it has become a break in this solar cells.Moreover this PSC is easy to mass produce at low cost than other cells.

The PSCs can be placed on your roof to begin generating electricity immediately.You can also place it on the car,windows etc.Even the PSCs can be placed to the back and front of your Smartphone.Even this PSC may be used to power up your Smartphone.This invention has gained the interest of the LCD manufacturers which primarily uses Indium Tin Oxide(ITO) and it have the disadvantage of being brittle.But this PSC may be a solution for this and it may replace the ITO in the near future.

This invention was considered as remarkable one as many of the Electronic devices are becoming transparent like Transparent non-volatile memory,Transparent OLED displays and now this Transparent solar cells are also added to this list and this may lead to a huge leap in Electronics.It also make us to move a step ahead to achieve a green environment.May be in future we may expect a Transparent Computer adding to this list.

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