Transparent display technology


Japanese wireless carrier NTT DOCOMO and Fujtsu have displayed their new Transparent display technology,dual sided Smartphone touch screen at 2012  Wireless Japan Expo.It is a 2.4 inch display prototype with touch sensors on both the front and flip sides.The users hand can go behind the icons on the screen to use touch while full display on the front remains unobstructed.

Moreover you can use both the sides at the same time that is user can hold an icon on the front and slide on the back to move on icon or create a new application.But the inventors have admitted their transparent two sided concept is not fully downside is limited visibility in sunlight.Moreover the transparent touch screen would be difficult to use in bright outdoors.also the prototype shown at the expo featured 2.4″ OLED screen and an unidentified version of Android.
NTT DOCOMO  spokesperson said “We think it needs to be bigger if we’re are to market this kind of phone.In its present form it could be used as a sub display.In that case it will have a limited display capability so we think that the range of applications could be wider”.NTT DOCOMO suggests a possible future end use of the touch screen might be for two player games each gamer would be using separate sides of the display.

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