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Wearable technology and gadgets have been coming out in several forms such as watches, Bands, T-shirts and lots more. Leading companies like Google, Samsung have already launched their wearable gadgets such as Google Glass , Samsung Gear in attempt to provide new way of interaction and smart computing to the users. Moreover this area was seen as trending one by all leading tech & Gadget companies since the need of integrating technology with humans is really high in the upcoming era. Keeping this in mind Sony has come up with its idea of new wearable tech known as “SmartWig” and has filed a patent application for it. The Japanese giant is looking to take the lead in the wearable technology sector against its rivals Google, Samsung which are already showing promising results with their wearable gadgets.


According to Sony, the wig could be made from horse hair, Human hair, Wool, Feathers, Yak hair, Buffalo hair or any kind of synthetic material. The communication interface and sensors placed in the wig are covered by parts of the wig in order to be hidden from others sight during use. A further potential improvement in this wig may use Ultrasound waves to detect the objects around the user.

It can also be used in the healthcare sector as a combination of sensors that can help collect information such as temperature, pulse and blood pressure of the wearer. The data collected can be transmitted to the server computer ,thereby the conditions of the wearer can be monitored.

Sony also listed various potential uses of this SmartWig including helping blind people to navigate roads. It also added that a small video camera or sensor on the wig could help to provide the position and location of the wearer. A remote user then use the image provided and send commands through the network to the navigation systems based on vibration motors integrated in this device. Thus this wig user can be manually guided to the desired destination.

The device can also be used during presentations where a wearer can move to the next slide or previous one in the by simply raising his/her eyebrows. Sony also said that the SmartWig will be compatible with other devices such as glasses and smartphones.

Its probably a great step by the Japanese giant to redeem its market in the wearable gadget sector which they have lost in the recent years, after their Smartwatches failed to create impact in the market. Sony also added that they had not decided on any plans for commercial production of the SmartWig and it was still under research

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