Solar powered battery charger circuit

Solar Powered Battery Charger Circuit

Solar power is one of the free form of renewable energy that our planet earth is blessed with. Increase in energy demands forced to seek ways for extracting power from renewable sources and solar seems to be a promising source. The above circuit will demonstrate how to build a multipurpose battery charger circuit by means of a simple solar panel.


This circuit derives power from a 12V, 5Watt solar panel which converts the incident light energy to electrical energy. A diode 1N4001 was added to prevent the reverse flow of current which could result in damage of the solar panel.

A led was added with current limiting resistor R1 to indicate the flow of current. Then comes the easy part of the circuit, voltage regulators was added to regulate the voltage and to obtain desired voltage levels. IC 7805 gives 5V as output whereas IC 7812 gives 12 voltage as output.

IC 7805 Pin diagram

Resistors R2 and R3 are used to restrict the charging current to a safer level. You can charge NiMh, Lithium ion batteries using the above circuit.  You can also use additional voltage regulators IC along with it to obtain different output voltage levels.

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