Self Building Robot Furniture “Roombots”

“Roombots” Self configurable Furniture

Imagine a Chair you are sitting capable of transforming into a comfortable sofa on demand as light fades and dark arises in a day. Or you could make your chair mobile by means of your command for moving around your house. These kind of Transformer movie stuff can become reality one day by a research conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of technology(EPFL) which in turn resulted to development of self building robot furniture called roombots

The Biorobotics lab of EPFL is developing self-configurable robots named as “Roombots” which is capable of merging with furnishings to create adaptable furniture for the comfort of users. The primary goal for the team is to create a mobile furniture to assist the elderly and those with reduced mobility.

“Its a bit of a science fiction project in my lab to create intelligent furniture which can change shape and functionality”- Lab director Auke Ijspeert
Roombots- Coupled with  passive materials to form complete furnishings

It comprises of Roombot Modules which resemble two dices stick together provided with a battery, motors for movement, and a wireless connection. Each Roombot Module measures 22cm long and the team imagine 10 of them could combine to build wide range of furniture. Moreover the director claimed that modules could combine with passive materials like cushion or table top to produce the final results.

“We envisage the roombots moving and combining to create a diversity of elements including tables and chairs” -Lab Director Auke Ijspeert.

The team managed to enable few modules interact & coordinated by algorithms, they also planning to improve human robot interactions by embedding tracking cameras and voice recognition to command their furniture movements. Meanwhile future plan lie in using tablets or smartphones to display a room virtually using augumented reality and then place their furnishings as they wish.

Everything around us getting smarter and its the turn of our primitive furniture to meet the change. Sitting relaxed and Commanding our table or Chair to take us around in our house! Couldn’t stop dreaming.

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