Scentee : Converts notifications to fragrance


Smartphones have many ways to display notifications alert and it has been evolving every day with the new upcoming phones in the market. In addition to this “Scentee” a round, plug-in smartphone accessory that emits fragrances and customizable LED lighting when promoted  by a complementary mobile app. This provides complete new notification alert experience for the user by spreading pleasant fragrance in the air and also comes in variety of fragrances. This gadget was compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, can be attached through device’s headphone socket.


The Japanese company Chatperf have introduced this new accessory to give a complete new experience with the notifications alert. The next time you get a Facebook Like, you can smell something like strawberry, mint or other flavors of your wish. This small accessory disperses scents from a small liquid capsules loaded into it. An application compatible to iOS and Android was used to configure the when the devices releases its scent.

This cartridge can yield about 100 sprays, each costs about $5 and it is about to be launched on November 15 in Japan. The company also planned to produce cartridges of many other flavors. I personally think this was not a great way to indicate notifications but still it was quite a great innovation. And it certainly indicate that interaction of user with gadgets of modern world have been enhancing greatly. Good or bad Scentee marks a new era of notifications alert.

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Frank Donald

Frank Donald

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