Samsung unveils first Tizen based Smartphone

Samsung Z , first Tizen based Smartphone

Samsung distancing themselves further from Android Platform with the launch of Samsung Z, world’s first Tizen based Smartphone. The company also launched Samsung Gear 2, the first smartwatch to run in Linux based software earlier this year and now it took a step further by unveiling Samsung Z to compete with Android based phones.

This smartphone will go on sale in Russia from July this year although the company did not confirm the launch of these phones in other markets or how much it will cost. This Smartphone unveiled at the Tizen developer conference in San Francisco on last Tuesday.

Many of the Samsung devices runs on skinned version of Android operating system where the company adds its own design, menus and tools for use. Guess Samsung don’t like to with Google even after the company made more than 30 per cent of all smartphone sales last year.

Samsung made this second attempt of opting a new OS for their phones after suffering a massive flop with its home grown Operating system “Bada”. The company worked with Intel and other tech giants to develop this Linux based Tizen Platform. This platform is also a open source type so the hardware manufacturers can freely tinker with the interface.

Tizen based Samsung Gear 2

The move to Tizen is seen as being an attempt to unify all the Samsung devices with single OS with  Tizen already used on its smartwatches. The operating system also offers better support for the HTML5 which is becoming popular among website developers. 

 “The Tizen platform delivers a fast, optimal performance with improved memory management. The Tizen based Samsung Z offers a fast startup and immediate multi-tasking capabilities” Samsung wrote about Tizen in its blog.

 Samsung Z carries a built in fingerprint sensor to ensure safe and secured experience for the user.  New Ultra power saving mode keeps the phone operational even at a minimum power. The phone also carries Heart rate sensor at its back which was tested on their previous handsets such as Galaxy S4.

Samsung also attempted to get developers on board with Tizen by conducting a special promotional program for developers in its own native app store.

Samsung really made a bold move with its all new OS Tizen but also seems bit risky after the company had a great run with Android over the past few years. Can Tizen compete with Android? Can Samsung succeed in its attempt to unify all its devices? Time only knows.

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