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 Awesome this is the only thing i can say after reviewed and read about the features of Sony PSP Vita, unlike other PSP s this also mainly concentrates on gaming but some of its features make it really special moreover it comes with a unique feature that is none another than WiFi, cool is’nt it!! lets see what make it so special



The Sony PSP Vita’s immense power is provided by the 32-bit quad-core ARM cortex -A9 MP core CPU, yes the same you find in devices like Ipad . Graphical grunt is thus supplied by the A9’s defacto GPU of choice..this makes the vita graphically more capable than the Iphone 4 or Ipad.



This thing was considered as the prime drawback because this doesnt provide any internal memory and moreover the standard SD memory cards has been replaced by specially designed and produced PSP VITA cards. So the memory can be added upto your requirement



Of course the stand out feature is the VITA had incredible screen jump into a real world with astonishing OLED screen 


This dual analog sticks which was provided in other in earlier released consoles adds additional and beauty to the gaming experience.


This was considered stunning by all the gamers you can browse using 3G and also with WiFi using the hotspot . What else does a gamer need than this, connect to your friends and play through 3G and WiFi.


With cross platform play you can start playing a game on your PS3™ console, pause the game and pick up on PS Vita right where you left off. You can also join in multiplayer games on your PS Vita and play against players on their PS3™ consoles.


  • Front and rear camera
  • GPS and 3G/WiFi
  • OLED screen
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Rear touch pad
  • Cameras
  • Sound
  • PSP vita card
  • Six motion sensors
  • Location


The one and only disadvantage is that there is no built in memory SONY needs to work on that in forthcoming consoles…leaving that it will be a great treat for gamers,kids and for gadget geeks.

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what was its price??