Philips Hue : Smartphone controlled lights


World has become very much remote as technology has enabled us to do any things by being seated in a place peacefully.Remotes have started to take over manual switching of devices ever since Television came into our world.This led to several remote controlled home appliances which ease our work greatly.But have you ever thought of switching the lights in your home by using your smartphone or tablets with a single touch.Philips have embedded the remote control technology in the lights and it was named as “Philips Hue LED bulbs”

Philips have announced that the Hue Bulbs can be controlled by Android and iOS devices and they will begin selling their bulbs exclusively through Apple stores.All you have to do is simply screw the bulbs into your light sockets and connect them to your Wi-fi network.The companion app in your smartphone device will let you to control the lights just with simple touches cool isn’t it.

The smartphone will allow you to control the timing of your lightning but also the color of the bulbs.Philips recommends to use this bulb as a preset timer to wake you in the morning rather than your boring alarm clocks.You can set your lights to gradually brighten over time giving a effect of personalized sun rise to your bedroom.Using the app you can take a color sample from anything in your home and create your own customized light environment.This one was my personal favorite and started thinking of setting up a customized lighting effects for a romantic date.That will be great and this “Hue bulbs” will be a great entry to the automated house appliances.

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Frank Donald

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