Pavlok Wristband shocks your bad habits away

Pavlok Wristbands

Getting rid of our bad habits have always been a up hill task for most of us and as the saying goes “We are all creatures of habit”. As a solution Maneesh Sethi an Indian-American created a new wearable wristband Gadget which will help to shake off your bad habits and develop a positive behavior.  

So Pavlok kills the bad habits and develops good behavior but how? It simply electrocutes you whenever you ignore a remainder or alert you planned to do. Suppose you set a alarm at 6 AM to do your workout and as usual you snooze the alarm, then Pavlok will let it slide. If you snooze it for the second time Pavlok will electrocute you to provide the push needed to do a certain activity.

This $250 Pavlok also grants power to others to strike a shock for your inactivity. Let’s say you promised your buddy to jog four miles per day. By pairing this Pavlok with a GPS tracker of Smartphones or a step counter your buddy or selected Facebook friend will be able to see if you keep up with the promise. If not all they have to do is hit a button click and Gadget Pavlok takes care of the rest.

Maneesh Sethi, the creator of Pavlok tested it on himself after performing bunch of research. Sethi has claimed that he lost 30lbs from using his own weapon Pavlok and apparently the best device money could buy to keep our activity up to schedule. According to him the wristband is available to a group of beta testers and obtained positive results from using the wearable.

“I myself have lost 30lbs just doing this in the last few months, simply forcing myself to go and swipe the card at the gym and my friend can monitor my swiping the card at the gym” Seethi Said.

Even though this gadget looks promising, it do have some drawbacks. What if someone leave their device intentionally at home when going out or removes it while sleeping? What if the button get into hands of a notorious acquaintance who loves to have some fun? Some problem really exists with this wristband.

Would be interesting to buy one of these to lazy bums around you. But you have to wait till the kickstart campaign that will take place in September. Until then rub your feet to the carpet and grab a door knob everytime you wake up late, this can save you $250 as well.


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