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Nintendo has expanded its gaming console 3DS and launched it with much bigger screen and lots of cool features to talk about. If you like portable three dimensional gaming then Nintendo 3DS XL will be your best choice. It is a design refresh that more closely references both the previous generations of DS hardware with bigger,3D capable,parallax barrier screen. So lets look into the new features of this new loaded 3DS XL.



Nintendo has modified its hardware  more inorder to provide a great gaming experience for the gamers.The thickness of this device is almost equal to the previous version 3DS despite the increase in screen size, improved battery life, and 46 percent weight increase.While increase in weight was quiet disappointing.Moreover the rounded corners gives great comfort since it wont dig the gamers palm.
The new circle pad is comfortable just right of the tactile, while the faithful Nintendo button medley and D pad still do the trick.Moreover 3DS was furnished with a secondary analog stick but Nintendo has removed that secondary stick in this latest version 3DS XL  so the gamers may feel inconvenient while playing certain games.The plastic stylus on the bigger hardware remains functional enough.The collar buttons are just as responsive as Nintendo’s preceding handhelds.The SD memory slot has been repositioned on the right edge meaning that Nintendo’s sticking with standard removable storage.


Bigger is always better.The screen measures 4.8 inches seems to make the 3D effect less taxing, not to mention more immersive. The similarly expanded secondary screen also offers more space for touch heavy titles.The pair of screens still looks a little incongruous each boasting different sizes and dimensions.

The main screen was 1.8 times larger than the previous version 3DS but it was packed with the same resolution  800 x 240.And the secondary screen was also unchanged with 320 x 240 resolution.Up to me they should have improved this factor in this reloaded new device.The display lacks crispness of the 3D content.So the display of the 3DS XL was good but not too good but it can assure good gaming experience to the gamers.


This device offers around three to six and a half hours of gameplay from 3DS titles and between five and eight for simpler DS games.But if you switch off the 3D mode, with older DS titles and retro hits and you will see a substantial improvement in battery life.Switching to battery saver mode and dropping brightness down to middle setting and got closer to nine hours of playtime.It was really a good improvement in battery life but even though it is limiting gamer experience to some extent.



Here is the Nintendo 3DS XL and 3DS you can look into it and see how the gaming console was transformed from its previous version.The 3DS XL can provide you a great gaming experience rather than the its previous device 3DS.New hardware with new stunning looks this gadget will rock in the  market.


The new size is an improvement in so many ways, including ergonomics and playabilty.So the Nintendo’s latest gaming console will be a great feat for the game geeks even though it has some drawbacks it has the potential to provide a great gaming experience.But personally i prefer Sony PSP Vita (read about it here) than this as it was stronger in every aspects than this gaming gadget.


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