Near Field Communication NFC


Modern smartphones started equipping with a special data transfer technology known as NFC(Near Field Communication). NFC is nothing but a wireless communication technology that enables data between devices about a distance of 10cm. NFC operated within the radio frequency ISM band of 13.66MHz.It supports data transfer rate of 848,424,212,106 Kbps and provide safe and simple communications between the electronic devices.

NFC technology is mainly aimed to be used in mobile phones but it can also be used for extensive applications. NFC uses both write and read technology.The connection is established when two NFC devices are brought within the distance of 4 cms.The transaction is secured, since the distance between the two devices is very short.It can be used for many purposes since it has the ability of transmitting and receiving data at the same time.It can be used for mobile payment,electronic money etc.

NFC is expected to replace the current technology in mobile phones as the Bluetooth technology requires many procedures before transmitting data, meanwhile the NFC technology will make the transmission process very simple by activating the transfer process with a mere touch of mobile phones.It is also compatible with the existing passive RFID infrastructures and requires comparatively low power.Also the data transfer rate of NFC technology is comparatively low than the Bluetooth V2.1 technology.

Many of the mobile manufacturing company have begun to start adding this hardware to next generation devices.It comes as a additional data transfer tool in many of the smartphones.Even though Bluetooth and Wi-Fi proves to be reliable this technology will be needed for us to take communication to the next level.


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