Most anticipated gadgets of 2013

The year 2012 is packed with a release of large variety of gadgets which rocked the market and up turned our daily life too.Likewise this year its gonna be a great year for gadgets as various companies has lined up with new and innovative gadgets in their sleeves.Here i have listed the top ten most anticipated gadgets that is gonna released this year.Eventhough many innovative gadgets have been lined up this year the below gadgets holds a special place.Lets get into the list of most anticipated gadgets of 2013.
10.Amazon Smartphone:
Amazon upcoming smartphone
Starting from number 10 Amazon has stepped into the cellphone  market after their success in its e-reader and online shopping.This online retail giant has employed Foxconn to manufacture its first ever smartpone.The reports are said to that this device runs on android platform and carries consumer friendly price tag of $200.Eventhough the Amazon has failed to catch up the market with its kindle fire tablet.This smartphone is highly expected by the  gadget lovers.
Release date: Mid 2013.
9.Samsung Galaxy S IV:
Samsung had decided to continue their winning run following their best selling Android phone last year they have announced their next S series smartphones.Unlike the GS III the S IV is also featured with 2GHz quad core processor, 2GB RAM and 13MP rear camera.Other details are not yet revealed.We can expect the full specifications and features by the coming month.
Release date:April 2013.
8.Blackberry 10:
Blackberry new mobile OS Blackberry 10
Blackberry is facing tough times as RIM has fallen from one of the largest smartphone markers in the world so it trails behind the Apple and Android products.But the release of new Operating system Blackberry 10 may be the reedemer of the company.The early reports have been positive saying that the new browser is faster than anything in the market and the OS for QWERTY keyboard version is available soon.So this all makes the Blackberry 10 to clinch the 8th spot.
Release date: Released on 30 jan 2013.
7.Apple Bluetooth watch:
Apple bluetooth smartwatch
The rumors around this device was very high than any other devices.Reports have said that the Apple is teaming up with Intel to build a Bluetooth enabled wrist watch that will pair up with iOS devices.It is also said that this will come up with 1.5 inch OLED display.Eventhough many companies like Microsoft and Sony attempted to crack the Smartwatch but none attained success so this product creates a lot of hype among the gadget lovers.
Release date:First half of 2013.
6.HTC M7:
HTC smartphone M7
After the company’s big success with Smartphones like One X HTC has lined up another smartphone named as M7.And it carries a great specifications with 4.7 inch 1080p display, 1.7     GHz quad core snapdragon CPU, 13MP camera and 2GB of RAM.There is also a rumor that HTC is bringing a flexible screen in this device.So we have to wait for this complete specification to know about this perfectly.
Release date: April 2013.
5.Google Glass:
Google wearable computing glasses
Google’s wearable computing system looks to have no full stop.As their new wearable computer is lined with a wearable glass that allows user including video chatting,accessible maps,internet viewing as well as photo capturing and sharing.And it is also said that it display information in smartphone format.At the moment a developer edition of Google glass carries a $1500 price tag.Computing never gets easier than this.
Release date:Early part of 2013.
4.Apple TV:
Apple TV
Apple is looking to release a all new TV this year.Reports from Taiwan have stated that Apple is shopping for flat screen panels within 46 to 55 inch range, while the wall street journal have stated that electronic suppliers have begun testing the top secret product Siri integration, iCloud support and iDevice compatibility are just a number of the features being advertised.Moreover the CEO of the company have claimed that the television market was an area of the interest for the company so we can expect this TV soon to be in our house.
Release date:Late 2013.
3.Apple iPhone 5S:
Apple iPhone 5S

The Apple’s new device may be 5S or 6 its not sure now.Some reports said that Apple is about to release their both smartphone models this year.The reports conclude that the next smartphone from will feature a new Super HD camera/screen, a better battery and NFC.And moreover they are gonna add up IGZO screen for Retina+.Moreover the storage will be increased to 128GB.Very uniquely the company has decided to produce this smartphone on six different colors.Thats make this one to grab the third spot in our list.
Release date:June 2013.
2.Samsung Flexible phones:
Samsung Galaxy Skin flexible smartphone
South Korean electronics giant has been showing off their new flexible smartphone at the CES 2013.The screen uses organic light emitting diodes or OLED’s.OLED’s are used in many Samsung phones already for bendable phone Samsung laid the chemicals over thin plastic instead of glass.This thing is came as a result of  remarkable thinking and the innovation from this Electronic giant and i guess this flexible phone will give tough competition for other companies.
Release date: Mid 2013.
1.Xbox 720:
XBOX 720 gaming console
There is no wonder that the next gen Xbox clinched the first spot in the top ten anticipated gadgets list because the next gen Xbox named as XBOX 720 is going to be a monster.The leaks of the XBOX 720 specifications said that the console features an 8-core .6 GHz processor,8GB of RAM an 800MHz graphics processor, a 50GB 6x Blu ray disc drive and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.Previous versions of the consol make not only the gamefreaks addicted but also many peoples of all ages.So with this upcoming monster features this console has created a big hype among the people all around the world.Hope Microsoft will take us to next level of gaming.
Release date: June 2013.
This ranking seems to be a critical one because several best gadgets have been awaiting this year to change the life of the humans but still these gadgets holds up high priority than the other gadgets.
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