What do we expect to see in Mobile Phone Technology in the coming years?

Technology in general is an incredibly impressive aspect to our developing culture and society. It is more than relevant that we should expect an even bigger revolution in the technology sector, as we progressively move on into a tech-reliable world.


One of the biggest aspects of technology is mobile phones, as they are one of the main things that concerns most citizens. It is in our societal interest that the mobile phones available on the market continue to grow in a way that benefits our needs and desires.

We can almost assume that in the upcoming years, mobile phone technology will enhance and expand to unthinkable limitations. So, in light of these interests, what are the rumors and the promises that revolve around these evolutions?

Mobile phone technology:

The invention of the mobile phone came around in the 1970s, however, it is important to realize that the models that were constructed were very limited in terms of availability. On the other hand, without the invention of the 1.1kg weighing phone, the development in the early 80s also would not have happened. The 80s offered a simple mobile model at a cost of £3,500 – which barely anyone gave into. Due to this expensive creation, the 90s saw us through a brilliant time of making mobile phone technology much more relevant to the general public.

It is definitely hard to forget our first Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones, back when endless games of Snake and black and white screens were increasingly exciting to us. The antenna feature and chunkiness of each model were very soon to be adjusted, when Motorola came out with the first ‘flip-phone’. This new take on the mobile structure became an inspiration to all as other designs such as side-kick came to our local phone shops.

On a general note, the 2000s so far have brought us rapid developments in our mobiles, with new sectors, new exterior features and brand new media players – the past decade has been thrilling for technology. From the mid-2000s, we have started using our mobiles to achieve more activities than what they were initially made to carry out. With the addition of calculators, voice recorders, note keepers and video cameras, the mobile phone was already sure to be the next international big thing.

Moving On

Now, with the understanding of how quickly technology changes, we will soon make the leap from our current devices to the next model – which no doubt will boast even more desirable features.

Smartphones are the current trend in mobile technology, with popular models such as iPhones and Samsung series, there is in doubt that Smartphones will be recurring in the future.

Design and Display:

Arguably, a screen can only display so many pixels, which means that the resolution that can be reached in our tiny screens may have actually already been reached. However, there are things that can be achieved to make our mobile screens look even clearer and brighter.


Even in this modern age, our phones are still delicate and very hard to not drop when they are in our hands constantly. Our big bulky phones are becoming a handful the more they get jam-packed with extravagant features.

Flexibility in some models is already prevalent, some LG phones already use curved glass to give a flexible effect in the display and structure. Nevertheless, there are still further developments in discussion that will expand on the use of flexibility.

OLED technology is the thin material that uses light effectively to make an electronic picture. This kind of technology is already present in some of the designs previously spoke about, however, the future sees even more of OLED in mobile phones.

Because OLED makes picture with light, it makes it much easier to bend than an LCD screen. The versatility in this material is precisely why future designs promise to have full flexibility, as long as battery sources can be equally manipulated.

Projector Capabilities:

The need for mobile phones has evidently reached into offices and other working industries. It is more than necessary that some meetings must include projecting any slides or findings onto a bigger screen for fellow employees to see, which is why many already possess projector screens.


However, with projectors already costing over £200, it seems only common sense to have one built into newer mobile devices.

It has even been discussed that the use of projector technology in mobiles will create a dynamic gaming console just by placing the device on a flat surface.

3D Pushed to the Max:

Retina display will soon be old news with new designs embracing 3D technology. LG Optimus 3D were way ahead of the game with their 3D features, but what’s next?

Just when we thought our eyes had seen top resolution – the speak of holograms sparked to the market. It has been said that companies want to further their capabilities by designing models that will literally bring images out of the screen.

Progressing Battery Life:

As it stands, the advancement in smartphones has resulted in poor battery life, that unfortunately is very hard to deal with.

The future of mobile technology hopes to collaborate with societies eager plans to become a renewable energy environment. Due to this, the design of mobiles will be made to take full advantage of natural power sources. In addition to this, thermal energy and kinetic energy should eventually be able to power our beloved devices.

The later future of mobile phone technology is by far unpredictable, as science and technology itself is ever changing and developing way to fast for us to make precise predictions. But with recent growth, we are to anticipate exciting new inventions that will fulfill all our mobile phone requirements.

This article was written by Rachel Jensen on behalf of Cloud Technology Solutions , the Google apps specialists.

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Andrew Dsilva

What we want is big viewing screen size, we do not really like big size phone. What i would like to see as next gen phone is a phone which is small enough and it can project it’s viewing screen so that we get what we really like.