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The next generation gaming console Xbox one by Microsoft was unveiled at Microsoft’s Xbox reveal event giving us the first official specifications of this Gaming gadget.Already Microsoft’s gaming gadget Xbox was in tough battle with the Sony PlayStation to gain the number one spot in Gaming gadgets.The new arrival of this Xbox gadget hopes to give a great edge over Sony’s console as this gadget was the costliest console that ever came to the market.I have packed some of the features, specifications which makes this console really a great one and perfect successor of Xbox 360.


  • Xbox one was powered by an x86 accelerated processing unit designed by AMD.
  • The Xbox One has 12 compute units which is less than the PS4 which posses 18 compute units and this may be a drawback when it comes to multi-format games. 
  • Microsoft has packed this console with 8GB of DDR3 RAM which has a 68.3 GB/s memory bandwith along with the 32MB of embedded ESRAM.
  • The Xbox one comes with a 500GB internal hard disk, along with a Blu-ray optical drive to play games and films.
  • The optical drive will install games to the hard disk ,speeding up the load times and keeping the console quiet as it wont need to read the disc during gameplay.


  • The Microsoft hasn’t made any changes in the controller since Xbox 360 controller was one of the most comfortable and well balanced we have ever used.
  • Xbox guide button is now further towards the top of the controller ,start and select buttons have replaced with new icons representing menu and multi-tasking respectively.
  • But the controller too has a disadvantage it still relies on user replaceable batteries rather than integrated lithium battery. 


  • The Xbox one is set to take the voice control introduced with Kinect on the Xbox 360 even further , with wake on voice, natural language controls and speech to text.
  • The all new Kinect sensor will also able to detect the number of people in a room based on voice, and suggest appropriate multiplayer games based on how many are looking to play.


  • Microsoft has integrated the Skype service into the Xbox one as the company owns Skype now and this was a expected move from the company.
  • Skype will run alongside anything else you are doing on the Xbox one and the min screen will scale down letting Skype run in a sidebar.


  • Microsoft introduces Smart Glass with only few supported games and a basic interface.
  • Smart Glass in more deeply integrated to the console and will work closely with Microsoft Windows 8 phones as well as Android and iOS devices.


  • The Microsoft Xbox One was released on Novermber this year like both the predecessors of this device Xbox and Xbox 360 released in the month of November.
  • The cost of the Xbox one will be 429 Euros which includes a console, controller an kinect sensor.

The Xbox one will definitely stand out from other gaming consoles and the release of Sony PS4 by the month of October was expected to give a tough competition for this console.Overall this console will be boon for core Gamers and will make them to stick their hands with this console.

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