Long term evolution (LTE)


Long term evolution (LTE) is a standard for wireless communication of high speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.It is based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA network technologies increasing the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core network improvements.The goal of LTE was to increase the capacity and speed of wireless data networks using new DSP techniques and modulations that were developed around the turn of the millennium.The LTE wireless interface is incompatible with the 2G and 3G networks, so that it must be operated on a separate wireless spectrum.

The first commercial LTE networks were launched by Teliasonera in Norway and in December 200; as of October 2011 there were 33 commercial LTE networks in various stages of commercial service.Many trials are underway with upto 50 LTE deployments expected in 2011.It is the next step of technology evolution that the opportunity has arisen for a global standard technology.LTE products have been already been tested, trailed and commercially announced in the market by manufacturers that are already a part of a well planned LTE eco-system.


  • Peak download rates upto 299.6 Mbps and Upload rates up to 75.4 Mbps depending on the user equipment category.Five different terminal classes have been defined from a voice centric class up to a high end terminal that supports the peak data rates.
  • Improved support for moblity exemplified by support for terminals moving at upto 350 km/h or 500 km/h depending on the frequency band. 
  • ODFMA(Orthogonal Division Frequency Multiple Access) for the downlink and SC-FDMA(Single Carrier-Frequency Division Multiple Access).
  • Supports at least 200 active data clients in every 5 MHz cell.
  • Packed switched radio interface.
  • Increased spectrum flexibility: 1.4 MHz,3 MHz,5 MHz,10 MHz,15 MHz and 20 MHz wide cells are standardized.
  • Supports for both FDD and TDD communication systems as well as half-duplex FDD with the same radio access technology.

Many of the upcoming smartphones are featuring LTE technology today and moreover this new technology can bring revolution in the field of telecommunication.Many of the European and American countries are started adapting to this technology.

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