Display less camera QX10 attaches to your smartphone


Carrying Cameras in phones are hunting down the camera market so Sony has come up with a phone accessory, a display less camera that can be paired to your phone for taking pictures and videos.Since Cameras in Phones are affecting camera market even though it offers photos that are only good under limited circumstances.So Sony has brought up this gadget to provide a fight back to revive the camera market.

The new Display less camera was named as QX10 works with any of the Android phone or iPhone and the connection between the phone and the camera was through Wi-Fi so it need only to be near the phone.Although a clip is provided to hold the two devices together making it easy to handle.Pairing between the devices will be even more easier if the phone has NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology


  • The QX10 has a 10x optical zoom (35mm equivalent of 25-250 mm in 4:3 mode) and image stabilization and HD recording of the videos are possible.
  • .The lens is f3.3(wide) to f5.9(Zoomed) and there is a 7.76 mm sensor backlit CMOS sensor.
  • This display less camera QX10 weighs around 100g.
  • Zoom,speed and Focus of the camera are controlled through phone after pairing and some of them can be set by controls on the camera.
  • QX10 costs about $250 and there is another version of this camera QX100 costing $500 with extended features and much larger 25mm sensor.
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