Cryonics, a technology to awaken the dead


Man started to break the rules of nature ever since wright brothers stepped off their foot  fooling the gravitational force. The growth and advancement in science enabled man to take control of everything and make this world very small. But Death has been victorious and tough to beat by mankind even in this great era of technology. Many scientists had a vision of mankind defeating the death and so long it has been just a vision and several attempts to beat death was a failure. But a technology known as “Cryonics”  holds the key to awake people from death  like the way it happen in the science fiction movies.


The cryonics is a practice of cooling people to avoid physical decay in the expectation that scientific and medical procedures currently being developed will be able to revive and restore them to health later. Scientist believe that one can be brought back to life if the brain cells was not damaged up to some point. But cryonics is not something which offers eternity to the people instead it can extends people life and offers healing to their dreadful disease.

The process of freezing a person is known as Cryonic Suspension and they can be preserved in that state for many years. The oldest patient currently being held in the cryonic suspension is Dr.James Bedford who was suspended in 1947. And at the end of 2012 about 250 peoples have undergone cryonic suspension and many organizations started to offer this service at considerable rates. But still this was considered as a money making scam and obviously unethical based on the religious view. But one thing for sure the day of awakening is so near and reachable.


Cryonics purely depends on a scientific fact that if a human brain freezed rapidly enough so that the decay of essential brain structure ceases so that it is preserved sufficiently to be repaired and person can be restored to life and health. Many scientific and medical evidences have been brought by scientists to prove that revival is possible. Evidences include biological specimens that have been frozen stored at very low temperatures and revived. These include whole insects many types of human tissues even human embryos which have later grown into healthy children and few mammalian organs. 

Even though with plenty of evidences and scientific advancements no scientists can guarantee success in reviving a person from death. But scientists continue to do research and progress is taking place, Freezing methods are improving with accumulated success. Scientists in the field of Nano technology seems to be much interested in Cryonics and develop several ideas to revive a person to full health. Nano technology and Cryonics together may pull this wonder off in the upcoming future.


The freezing procedure was bit complex in nature and it requires several steps to implement. The initial process involves cool down with a use of Anticoagulant substance such as Heparin, Fibrin which prevents clotting of the blood. Then the blood from the body was removed replacing it with a cyroprotectant – a solution that minimizes freezing damage. This is followed by further cooling of the body and then immersion in a liquid Nitrogen at a temperature of -196`C for long term preservation. This prevents the molecular decay of the body thereby it can be restored to full health later.


The future advancement in the field of cryonics can deliver us the power to fool the death and raise people alive. Even though Cryonics faces population, Religion and many other issues it was a greatest boon to mankind from Science. The day to see the first person to be raised from death by technology is not far away.       

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this cryonic technology is a feasible idea

Frank Donald

yes it will be soon. Every new technology is not feasible once but later it turn out to be a necessity


I love this cyronic