Automatic anesthesia injector system

Today for the first time i have added one of the applications of  Microcontroller.It has wide applications in daily life and Microcontroller was like a human brain which is capable of controlling all the electronic and non electronic devices.Microcontroller was the key to Automation.Today we are going to see about the Embedded system automatic Anesthesia injector using Microcontroller.In hospitals doctors perform operation by injecting Anesthesia manually to the patients so that the patients can sense no pain during operations.


In this the main disadvantage of the Manual injection is that there is a risk of  Miscalculation in the dose of Anesthesia to the patients.Reduction in dosage may leads to awakening of the patients during operation this will be highly risky.And over dosage may cause some fatal effects in the patients.It may also leads to death of the patients.


Here we can use Microcontroller inorder to inject Anesthesia automatically for certain periods of time.So thus we can avoid the miscalculation of the dosage and therefore we can overcome the disadvantages of the manual method.


In this the Microcontroller is used as automated controller which takes input from the respiration sensor,Heart beat sensor,Analog to digital convertor,Temperature sensor and drives the stepper motor which is used to inject the Anesthesia to the patients body.So that the biomediacal parameters was taken as input and therefore it performs the required function.So by this way the Automated Anesthesia Injector was designed using Microcontroller.

I cannot post the total idea here.So i have uploaded the whole paper as document file and PDF file.So viewers are requested to download it from the below link.I will bring out further ideas and paper presentation with me in he future.

Get it here as document format: Download as DOC file
Get  it here as PDF format: Download as PDF file

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