Critical view of Iphone 5S and 5C


Apple launched another couple of devices namely the iPhone 5S and 5C. Interesting as it may seem, it comes as a huge surprise for everyone (note the sarcasm) that the latest iPhones are exactly the same as the predecessors.We still don’t know why this is the case when every other company is opting towards better designs and shapes. Aesthetics is something that is the first thing to catch a person’s attention. Apple on the other hand seems to have become way overconfident that they have mastered the design and do not need to change it. Or is it that their designing department has lost all creativity? Maybe Jabong discount coupons may help in bringing down the price of these expensive devices.

Also, there are many other reports that now Apple has resorted to copying techniques from other competitors; so much to keep up the uniqueness in them, let’s see how. First it is the polycarbonate in various colours in the 5C. Something like this can also be seen in the Nokia Lumia and Asha phones. Still let’s give the benefit of doubt to Apple that they might not have intentionally copied and it is a huge co-incidence. Still it is not unique which Apple is generally known for.

Secondly the camera technology, the Apple “iSight” camera (funny how they put ‘i’ in everything to make it an Apple product); It uses the technology in which the sensor detects bigger pixels and thus making for sharper images and videos. The same technology can be familiarly seen in the HTC One, also known as “Ultrapixel” camera technology.

And if you think that’s all, then let’s take a look at the fingerprint locking technology. Did it ring any bells say about a couple of years ago when Motorola came about with this technology? Of course it was not that proficient back then, but it was still the pioneering concept. And now Apple names it “TouchID” and just like that it becomes their innovation.Other than the iOS 7 in the new phones, there is not much of a difference in the new phones, which are alsowe think, is nothing more but some UI tweaks to make it look different but is the same. And whatever is actually ‘new’ in the phone is nothing that we haven’t seen before. So all in all, Apple has let our expectations from it down.

Let’s look at some more things that Apple ‘changed’ in the new iPhones. They mentioned that the 5S and 5C have been provided with bigger batteries. The iPhone 5 had a 1440 mAh battery and the 5S has 1570 mAh. This seems like the biggest joke ever as an extra 130 mAh is going to let the phone survive for not more than 60 mins than it usually does. So again this is no big a deal when there are cheaper phones with more than 2000 mAh battery capacity. One can also take a look at Zovi discount coupons to avail of nifty deals on the same.

They did get something better in the phone and that is the new A7 processor in the 5S making the phone functions much smarter and smoother. Another is the increased battery capacity for longer lasting entertainment. Also the new 8MP camera is a better performing shooter. So all in all, there are good new things in the phone. Even if there are issues, not like the phone is any bad than what it used to be.

Most importantly if we look at the overall hardware of the phone as well, it is not at all impressive to pay over 40000 rupees. It does not even have a HD display, not more than dual core processor, not more than 1 GB RAM, no expandable memory card, no dual sim, and the list can go on and all. On the other hand there are cheaper phones with bigger screens, Full HD displays, expandable card slots, 13 MP and over cameras and most of all; there are many different interesting designs also available.

So it is something to ponder over as to why every time Apple unveil the same looking phone and people just go and buy it for the status when they can have something better in a much less cost. There is a need to think rationally what you are paying such a high amount for and why. Is the phone really worth the money being spent? And is the new phone any better than the old one? Ask us and our answer will be a big fat NO!

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