Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung galaxy S III  has came as a powerful contender for the Apple iPhone 4S.Everytime Apple releases unmatchable products and make a great hit on the market but this time Samsung Galaxy S III.Although Samsung Galaxy S II failed to deliver upto the expectation this S III has became a great successor to the previous version S II.Lets see which smartphone makes the best.

Apple Iphone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3:

First of all while considering the touchscreens of the both the smartphones Samsung has a beautiful 4.8″  super AMOLED HD screen of 720×1280 pixels while iPhone 4S has a 3.5 inch retina display with a pixel density of 960×640.The S3 stands out since it has a larger screen and also providing the user full screen touch with no limits while iPhone provides some limitation.So Samsung leads the way in display

Design and build should be also considered though Samsung is stylish and slim Apple iPhone 4S leads in the design due to the fantastic build more slimmer,smaller than the Samsung  Galaxy S III.So Apple makes the most in device build.

In regards to the performance Samsung Galaxy was powered by the most anticipated Quad core processors with 1GB RAM  while the iPhone 4S is powered by dual core A5 processors and 512 MB RAM.A5 is also a latest powerful processor but due to the extended AM capacity of the Galaxy S III.It leads the way in performance.

Both the phones have an 8 MP camera at the back while Samsung S III has 1.3 MP on front but Apple only has 0.3 MP camera at the front.Moreover Samsung Galaxy S III has used the same camera chip as the iPhone 4S so the clarity of both would be the same.So in this too Samsung stands out.

The most important is the OS on which the smartphone is running.The Samsung Galaxy S III runs on the latest Android 4.0 and the iPhone 4S is running on the iOS 5.Both phones have latest softwares but iOS is known for its efficiency but Android 4.0 seems to be user friendly than the iOS.So both of the mobile phones matches in this category.Moreover Samsung Galaxy have more standby time than the iPhone 4S.


Overall the Samsung Galaxy S III appears to be the best smartphone now than the iPhone 4S due to its powerful and user friendly features.But Apple is not gonna lag behind as they will be coming with Apple iPhone 5 november this year i hope it will overcome all the drawbacks of the iPhone 4S.Upto now Samsung Galaxy S III best to buy.  


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Steven Nicholson

In my view, apple iPhone 4s is slightly better than the Samsung S3. However, S3 has some unique features which are not available in iPhone 4s. It also depends on the user that which brand gives him a good experience.

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Jeffrey Waller

Samsung Galaxy S3 is much better than iphone 4s, there is no comperison… i think iphone 5 could give Samsung Galaxy S3 some tough competition..


Ya GS3 is far better than the iPhone 4S so it definitely deserves your support.But i expect that Apple will look out for the drawbacks in the 4S and modify those drawbacks in the iPhone 5.I think that they may not provide
removable storag and battery but i hope they will modify thier OS as a user friendly one and cameras,processor,display etc.I think these things we can we can expect may be they come up with better one.

I guess if you are a dreamer and believe iPhone 5 will provide a removeable battery, removeable storage (ie microSD card support), or a 4.5in or larger screen then it is certainly worth the wait for those users that find these features important and wish to make a best choice between the two. Not sure I want to wait until October to be disappointed again by the lack of features important to me within the iPhone line of phones. My wife and I have never owned a smart phone before or an iOS or Android product for that matter. In… Read more »

yes its better to wait till the release of iPhone 5..