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Apple’s new iPad Air was looking to set things right after the giant faces some tough times in best tablet competition against its bitter rivalry Google. Apple has made a great comeback with this all new iPad Air after its predecessor iPad 4 failed to make impression in the market.  This device aptly named as iPad Air because of its light weight and sleek design. This device was reported to be 28 per cent lighter than its predecessor iPad 4 keeping the performance intact, that’s really a significant thing to note. Lets see what all the highlighting feature of this all new iPad Air.


  • The iPad Air is damn light weighing just 469g and its 183g lighter than 625g iPad 4, providing the same screen size which is very impressive aspect.
  • The width of the iPad Air measures 169.5 mm and depth of 7.5 mm, which comforts the user to handle it for long time.
  • The iPad Air features 9.7 inches screen maintaining the same resolution of 2048 x 1536 like its predecessor, which doesn’t create any big difference.
  •  Apple iPad Air features 64-bit A7 SOC chip with clock speed of 1.4 GHz which is capable of running complicated apps and provides smooth animation transitions with high efficiency.
  • The iPad Air features iOS 7 which is cleaner and easier to use with lots of cool features like Control Center menu, rotation lock as well as adjusting screen brightness on the ease.
  • Apple  hasn’t upgraded the camera of this device and the same 5 megapixel sensor from the iPad 4 is used but it upgrades the Facetime camera to 1.2 megapixel with large pixels and backside illumination.
  • Apple has installed a slimmer battery and it results in dramatic weight reduction of this gadget, moreover power efficient A7 chip handles the power more efficiently than ever providing 10 hours of web browsing which was extremely impressive.
  • Apple upgraded the 4G chip in the Wi Fi and cellular version of the iPad Air so the internet get even faster.
  • Apple iPad Air costs ranging from US$ 499.0 to US$ 929.0 for various models of memory sizes ranging from 16GB to 128GB.


The verdict of this Apple iPad Air was very very simple and i have conveyed in the post title itself. Apple iPad Air better than its predecessor iPad 4 and best tablet of this year 2013.  

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