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Gadgetronicx is an educational website based on Electronics and Embedded Systems. Founded in April 2012 by Frank Donald in an attempt to help students and engineers with variety of Electronic Circuits, Tutorials, Embedded System Design and Programming. Our site is enriched by our beloved authors and we are pretty good in what we do.


We have wide spread audience from all the world with majority of our readers based out of USA, INDIA and EUROPE. Here are some interesting stats about our site

Monthly Traffic – 60K

Monthly Visitors – 30K

Search Engine Contribution –  40% of original traffic

Social Media Contribution – 35% of original traffic



This section comprises of Practical electronic circuits categorized for your easier access. Many DIY Electronic projects and To do’s will be published here often. You will find a clear and precise description in the articles which helps you to understand things better. Also you can find a fully compiled collection of Circuits and projects in our “Electronics Circuit Library”.


This section covers tutorials and projects based on Embedded systems using wide variety of Microcontroller family such as 8051, PIC, AVR and ARM. You can find these articles in our “Embedded System” section.


We couldn’t miss out Arduino after this development board become a perfect platform for DIY’ers. Projects based on Arduino will be published very frequently in our site and you can find it all in “Arduino Projects“.


We are striving hard to get the best for all the Electronic students and Enthusiasts. Why can’t you help us to bring things even better, If you think you are good at Electronics why don’t you achieve some recognition. You can publish your Circuit/Project in our site and in turn our site offers you the recognition you deserve.



Feel free to Contact us for your queries and Advertising. You can reach us through ” webmaster@gadgetronicx.com ” or through “Contact Us” page.