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7 Segment Display Counter Circuit using IC 555 and CD4033

Circuit above  is used to display counts in 7 segment display.Here we are employing two ICs and 7 segment to perform this action. IC1 NE555, IC2 CD 4033 and a seven segment display LT543. As we know IC 555 is a timer IC and CD 4033 is a simple decoder IC which is commonly used to drive 7 segment displays. Lets move into the working description of this simple counter display circuit.

Here NE 555 was wired as Astable Multivibrator  which is capable of generating a square wave the period of the square wave was determined by means of external component RC connected to IC 555.The Astable Multivibrator does not require any external trigger , it is capable of generating continuous square wave pulses. The output pulse was then given to the input of the IC CD 4033.

For each pulse the output of the CD 4033 advances by one count. The output of the IC2 in the circuit was wired to the 7 segment a,b,c..g as shown in the figure.Then the pulse from the decoder lights up the seven segment on a sequence there by working as a counter display. The switch S1 was used here to initiate the counting.Diode D1 was used here to prevent the risk of accidental polarity reversal. The given 7 segment display counter circuit can be employed where the process of counting events was needed under controlled environment.

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