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Working of wireless charging technology
Many scientist was trying to implement wireless charging for mobile devices for many years but it's really been that good.Until now Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are the first smartphone to support this new feature.In this device all you have to do is place your phone onto a Nokia Wireless charging plate,Nokia wireless charging pillow by Fatboy,Nokia wireless charging stand for Nokia to begin the charging process.

But we all have a doubt how this wireless charging takes place.Wireless charging is a method of transmitting energy through air to an electrical device for the purpose of charging it.This sounds very easy process but it was bit complex and technical in nature lets look into it.

The above diagram illustrates how a wireless charging takes place.A transmiiter coil is positioned at the bottom L1 and the receiver coil L2 at the top of these coils are embedded into different electrical devices.L1 would be the Nokia wireless charging plate and L2 would be the Nokia Lumia 920 for example.An alternating current in the transmitter coil coil generates a magnetic field which induces voltage in the receiver coil.The voltage is then used to charge up the device.

Nokia has adopted the Qi standard in their wireless charging devices.Qi was created by the wireless power consortium and is used by over 100 different companies around the worlds and is the only global adopted interface.Nokia already have partnerships with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Virgin that will allow users of Nokia's upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 to charge up using table top wireless charging stations.

Nokia has worked hard to make wireless charging easier to use than other manufacturers of wireless charging devices.Nokia has increased the charging area to over 80 percent on the wireless charging plate meaning you should just able to put the phone in charge and don't need to worry about it being 'spot on'.All the wireless charging gadgdets will be available at the time of launch of Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 from the retailers.